keskiviikko 14. marraskuuta 2012

Updaaatte tiime~

Helloo lovely dollies~
Oh yes yes yes, once again starting with that ol' sentence....
It has been a while
I know, i know, i haven't updated for a loong time.
See, i forgot about this blog. I've been soo extremely busy with school. I am soo left out behind, i have no choice but to work my butt of and get all my school work done before the end of this month.

Oh the stress~
I've been so stressed because of this, i cant even tell you guys...
I have been loosing weight ( which is suppose to be good thing) in unhealthy way because of school and all the responsibility i have on my shoulders, oh dear god in heaven, can i go back to being little toddler?

So today i had free day from school, finally i had time to practice new makeup looks and different hairstyles.
Took looong nice bath and relax, it feels so good to be a girl, doesn't it ladies?
I also have free day tomorrow, so i am going to meet up with few of my friends and see whats going on people lives. Also tomorrow i am waiting for this small sweet package to arrive, i am so excited about it, I dont even want to go to sleep till morning! Anyways, going to blog about this mysterious package tomorrow IF it arrives! For the meantime, have some camwhore pictures, just in case if you forgot my kawaii face LOL

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