lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

Fall inspired

Holaa chica's!

I made a new blog layooout~
Finally i am satisfied with the layout. You guys don't really know how many times i've tried to make a new blog look but each time failing miserably. So what do you guys think about this look? Really simple isn't it?
You can see my twitter and instagram updates from the sidebar, and also youtube channel updates.
And you can also comment in my posts from now on, but please remember to behave in the comment box okay? I mean, i don't want any bullshitters and stupid people commenting my posts.
If you don't like something, great...comment why you don't like it so i can fix it. 
No racist comments the [x] button to exit my blog. Constructive critique is always welcomed, beside that anyone is welcomed to comment!!

My Tsubasa make up look tutorial is my most viewed post in my blog, so i guess you people like seeing tuto's. I decided to make another tutorial, but this time i made a video.
The look is fall inspired and not so...gyaru hah. But you can make it look more gal by adding fake lasheees~ I swear fake lashes fix's anything!
Anyways remember to watch in HD Subscribe and raaate~

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