lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

Inside the package

So smart me, without thinking was cleaning my camera's folder and accsidently deleted pictures of the inside of the package i received Thursday.  But i am pretty sure everyone has seen what a package looks like, but what inside the package was skincare products, Dresses, shoes and 4 new pair of circle lenses which the most i was excited about. 

Would you guys like me to write a review about the circle lenses? Because in this post i just want to show off my favorite lenses, nothing else.
So have some pictures....

Just wanted to show you how they look like...not intend to look this creepy tho...

Also would like to make a skincare post because i've been taking care of my skin and it looks super duper nice, so i though i can help my fellow bloggers a little bit with skin care products reviews.
Let me know if this also interests you.

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