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Recent Fav's and me update~

Hola gals and...guys(?)

You guys, i've tried so many times to be one of these girls that wear the same make up everyday to school and leave the eyesahdows and all that dramatic stuff for more fancier meetings.

Yup, didn't work. I even made a youtube video of my back to school make up tutorial, and i liked that look alot but....somehow i just can't stick to ONE look or stay away from eyeshadows and all goodies, but the good thing is that my morning make up routine takes only 10min's to do so...

Anyways since my make up routine update almost every single week or so, i am here to show you my recent favoriiiites~ Some products i've been loving alot lately!

Lets go!

Since i have good skin, i don't need foundation whatsoever for my everyday make up, i use foundation only when i'm going out with friends or just ... somewhere else beside school.

Been loving Viva La Diva's bronzing powder alot! 
Make the face glow like ... ooooh~

I bought this item last week, and oh my heaven, orgasm.
I've been into brown eyeliners alot lately, they give really natural sultry look, unlike black which most of the times comes pretty strong with my soft features. 

I'm not the mascara type like most girls are.
I swear girls are frigging obsessed with mascara's Haha!
I have really thick and short eyelashes so i almost always use fake eyelashes, i don't have time to hassle with my own eyelashes, curl them and add few coats of mascara, like who has time for that?
BUT since i am trying to keep my make up cooled down, i had no choice but to drag myself and get a new mascara, and i really love this one! might do a separate review on it.

Seriously you guys, everyone of you should try out H&M's eyeliners! I'm serious. I myself do not like to buy make up items from/by clothing stores but, i've been looking for the perfect white eyeliner for a while, like i've tried 5 different white eyeliners and all of them sucked! Since i've been loving Chocholate eyeliner by H&M i  decided to give a try to the white one. And oh my lord, i love it. I need only one swipe and PAM! In your face! Actually, in your eyes but ... hah

This lipstick has been my favorite for a while because, i don't know about you guys but i've always liked the nude lips look, but since we all know that nude lips does not work as well in black people as it work on white people. This lipstick works really well on darker features, it gives you the nude lips with a hint of...darkness to it, i seriously don't know how to explain ok ! :D

Okay so...that was all about my recent favorite products!

Just gonna update you guys with my boring life really quick~
well... i've been good student and...that's pretty much all
I've been going to school every single day, doing school work and stuff, nothing much has been going on in my life, well nothing interesting at least

This what i looked like todaaay! ( using Kate's lipstick )
You guys, you first when you buy something and you're not excited about it...and, randomly you just try this thing on, and the next thing is like Haaaallleluujaah!
Same story goes with those lenses, i ignored these lenses ever since i got them, because i've been loving my other lenses alot! And today i just was like eeeh, what da heck, lets put it on~
And i was in lööve~
I still love my other lenses but i see myself using these alot in future!

talk to you guys next time!

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