torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

Review: Geo Xtra Plum Brown

Hi Hi!
So most of my items that i ordered a while ago has already arrived...well, the most important items did.
I got my circle lenses yesterday, and i went ahead and test them on for this review.
I bought 3 different circle lenses, but i am going to review each one alone. So first starting with Geo Xtra Plum brown, they are so far my favorite.

So i ordered my circle lenses from shop in Malaysia called Maplelens 
They are new shop but their costumer service is great. Before i went on ordering my lenses, since it was my first time ordering them by myself i was kinda lost. But i contacted them through their facebook page  and they gave me all the information that i needed, and they answer to the messages so fast!

The postage was also really fast, my package arrived to Finalnd in one week, but they had problem contacting me so they can bring me the package, thats why i got it yesterday.

So this is what i found inside the package

This card is so cute! Look at that bear hanging in there!

I got so many cases, three animal cases and three normal cases!

Aaand here is the lenses i am going to review.

Comfort ~ 9/10

Oh god these feel amazing even tho they are quiet big. I can go 8h with these on with no problemo.

Enlargment ~ 10/10

I love love loooove the enlargment in these, my own iris's are naturally big, so these are few millimeter's larger, and that is perfect! From now on i will stick to lenses with 15mm on because if i go any bigger, i'll end up looking like an alien for sure.

Shape ~ 9/10

Hell Yeah, flower shape! I mean who doesn't want flower shaped eyes? Only crazy people don't!
But for real, the shape is the first thing that caught my eyes, i would have loved if they showed up a bit more tho.

Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 42%
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

As i said above, these are my favorite from the leneses i got. I really love the flower shape.
It makes my eyes look nice a dolly big. They are also quiet comfortable.
I deffinatly recommend these if you want easy going/everyday lenses.


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