lauantai 11. elokuuta 2012

New lovable items

Hey guys!

Like my new blog name?
I decided i needed some changes in my life. So i came with the idea of changing basically everything.
I changed my FB name, i made new youtube channel with new name ofc, my instagram is CelesteQ, and of course the blog too is now CelesteQ.  I will link my new youtube channel soon, i am waiting for few items to come, seriously i am about to change my whole image! like total life changing thing ( not really ). I ordered new hair which should be coming next week, and i cant tell you how excited i am about it. I also ordered 4 pairs of circle lenses! WHOOP WHOOP finally! I just cant wait to put them on and swag them up! :D
Anyways, i will show you my buys later, but for now, i want to show you guys some items that i have been recently loving alot, like...really great items that i recommend for you too.

Base makeup

I use FIT Me foundation for full coverage. BB cream for natural looks and more easy going make up looks. And Skin tone perfector i use sometimes, under FIT me, i can tell you, it does it work.


My favorite blushes so far. This are so pigmented that i have to use only tiny grain for my cheeks! 

Bronzing pearls

I bought this for contouring/bronzing reasons, but this matches my skin way too much to be used like so. But it has amazing shimmery tone to it, so it still gives sun kissed look on it own weird way.


This is my absolute favorite, i will do a review of this alone, this product is too awesome to not buy!

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