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Review: 2 Tone Misty Brown

Hey guys!
I want to finish all my review as soon as possible. I have one more circle lenses to review.
So this time the review is about 2 tone misty Brown.

To tell you the truth, when i saw these on the shop i bought them from ( Maple lenses )  i was soo excited i was going to pee my pants, they had that thing in them that made me to want them so badly.
But when i received the package and tried them on, i was a bit disappointed 
I compared it way too much to the Geo Plum Brown which make eyes huge, that's why i wasn't feeling it anymore. 


Comfort ~ 10/10

These are super duper comfy, no jokes. I seriously feel like wearing one of these health lenses, i don't that they are called but whatever. Oh, they feel soo good.

Enlargment ~ 9/10

Not as enlargning as Geo Xtra's but bigger then my own iris's which is the main point...well to me atleast.

Shape ~ 10/10

I felt like giving these 10 out 10 because, i have always wanted lenses that give the effect of ...glossy eyes with dark rings around them. A little bit Anime...ish?

Natural light

But today i was like, i should give them a try, they cant be thaat bad.
So when i put them on before applying my make up, i had that "mehh" - feeling. But after finishing my make up and stuff....Holllyy shhii-
I fell in love. Immediately i remembered why i liked them from the first sight.
These are maybe not as much enlarging as Geo Xtra Plum, but these sure as hell win if we are talking about the shape and the effect it gives. It has black ring around it, and from inside it has cute light brown spiky shape. Which just contrast my eye color and change it totally!
 Love Love Love!

 With flash

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