torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2012

Been a while...again

Wow you guys, can you belive how fast time flies away?
I know...i am amazed too. 
Okay lets cut the crap, i apologize billion times for the lack of updating, and i dont even have a good explantion to you guys, you know i would lie if i told you that school have been keeping me busy...since i am back to my old habbit of ditching, suprise suprise :D. But i promise from next week on, i will be good girl who only thinks about her future and go to school almost everyday okay?

So what have i been up to you ask?
I have been up to alot actually, not very interesting stuff but you know...just chilling with my friends here and there nothing much.I bet you wanna know the reason for me suddenly back blogging after 3month...well you gonna like this... so i decided that i am going to take this seriously and stop with my laziness!  Blogging is something i always wanted to do but my laziness has always over took it, and that will stop now you know! To prove you i am serious about gonna like i orderd finally a new camera Finallyy~ i have been waiting for that for god knows how long, and now that all my money issues are finally fixed i can do whatever i want, okay...i did everything i wanted so, i think i will be having money issues in a couple of weeks, i seriously spent alot of money in all crap, the camera cost the most but it was all worth it i promise~
Also, the other reason why i bough the camera is because...wait for ittt..., wait for iiiitttt~
I am going to fiiinally work on my youtube channel, and this time i am serious, so serious that i talked with my parents about this Haha :D

Anyways enough text for today, next time will be sooner than you think, just be ready okay ;)

Oh and before this post officially ends i'll show you a picture of how i look like atm~

As you see i changed a tad bit my make up style if you compare me now with my first post.
this look would have looked so good with fake lashes, but i have been out of them for the past last months which i actually dont mind since i like this look like this too, easy to do and take only 5min , and very easy going, i use it when going to school or when i am out chilling with friends. 

Also you can see i changed my haircolor into drark brown, which i looove so much~
People have been actually telling me how well this color fits me better than the black one, which i totally agree, but guess what, few days ago i ordered light brown hair, which a hair color i always wanted to try, lets hope it fits me too *finger cross*
Anyways enough of chitchat, see you next time! 

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