torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

It has been a while

Hello hello my fellows!

It has been a while since my first blogpost.
I have been very busy with school and personal stuff, really.
I usually...or, i used to skip classes, but now...i have been going to school every freagging day for 2weeks.
OHYESH, #Feels Proud man!

Anyways, nothing speacial happened to blog about, just wanted to do quick update for why i have not been updating. Although i was thinking about doing haul video or something about my recent buys, i have been buying so much stuff, really cool awesome stuff, new shoes, bags, make up supplies and many more cool stuff.
I think i'll do a video or something as soon when i have free time.

Also, in a month or so, there will be once again Anneyong Party and this time we have halloween theme.
I already know the costume which i will be ordering soon, and i am sooo excited. I wish i could tell you what i am going to wear, but i dont want to ruin the suprise, so stay tuned ;)
Anygays, this was pretty much it for todays update, till next time...bye bye!
 few camwhoring to finish the post :D

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