torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2012

Small trip to Helsinki

I am back again...told ya will see me sooner than you think haha
Okay no actually, i just decided that i will post this quick post for now to get this over with.

Okay, so last week when i had my holiday, i decided to visit Helsinki to see my dear friends.
Me and Kelly took the same train to Helsinki as we decided, and went to Forum for a little bit of shopping till Mariam, Pakawan and Max get from school. We did find few things to buy. But i will show you the things i bought in different post.

So after spending few minutes in Forum we headed to Kamppi since we were looking for something to eat! We were all so hungry i swear, and we were so fucking loud i tell you, omg :D
If you ever going to hang with me and Mariam, i can assure you that everyone will be hearing our convos. 

Anyways, we had hard time deciding where to go to eat, after a couple of minutes, we decided to go to  Singapore Hot Wok which was crowded! there was only few tables and we had to stand there like idiots waiting for other costumers to leave. And in few mins we got to order our food, and i am telling you, that food was something soo great i cant even...~

This is what me, Kelly and Mariam orderd, it was soo delicious and there was soo much of it!
And sorry Kelly for stealing your food piccie, i didnt find mine anywhere. Also sorry Pak and Max, i didnt have picture of your food which i liked even more than mine! :D

Anyways after we finished eating we went for window shopping, we found loads of cool things to buy, but guess if we or actually only me was broke. After getting tired we decided it was picture tiiime~

Kelly, Me and Mariam <3

Kelly, Mariam and me after eating, gosh my mouth is open in every picture ... :D

Aand me and Kelly! <3

I have picture with Mariam too but she didnt send me them yet, so i will till i get them, also i would have loved to show you Max and Pak, just not sure if i am allowed to post their picture here...?
Till next time!

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