lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

New memeber to blogging world!

Hi Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new and first blog ever! 
Let me first introduce myself, My name is Rayan. I have few nicknames, but must used is Raitsu, and you can call me by that, i don't mind xD. Please no pokemon jokes okay?! :D
I was born in 4th of May -93, therefor i am 18y.o at the moment.
I live in Finland, in a small city called Lahti. An hour drive from Helsinki.
I am a business economies first year student. And i quiet enjoy studying business, its fun actually.
I live with my family, Mom, dad and three annoying little brothers <3 
I come from religious family, so there are some stuff i am not allowed to do, sounds extreme right? But i am used to it and i don't mind the "The rules" that much.

I got interested in Gyaru fashion not long time ago, i say about 8 month ago if i remember right. And i started to dress up as gyaru since summer 2011. Before I started  to enjoy the girly stuff, i used to be HUGE tomboy, i liked to wear baggy clothes, my hair was short and really ugly... god thoes times xD
Didnt give rat ass about my looks! But then when i went to 7th grade, i started little by little to take care of myself, but i was still little bit tomboyish.
It was then at 9th grade, actually started to care about fashion and make-ups.
But i was afraid of using make up, i was being so delusional, i was afraid of what people would say if i used make up, would they be talking about me like "look at her, she used to be a tomboy, now she suddenly wants to act all girly and shit!"- stupid eh? xD
Well, after the end of 9th grade, i was like ah, fuck them, fuck them all, i'll wearing freaking make up! I actually said that because i realized the school was ending, and i'll be moving to knew one and i'll meet new people
Anywho, i started to wear make up recently, about a year ago when i was 17.
Enough of chittchatt and now lets go the serious business A.k.a camwhoring xD

This is moi *HerpDerp*-faced
 I am telling you this just in case....I know the hair wasnt much of Gyaru, that was because my extensions are getting so short i cant do a shit with them, and i just had to do something fast with it for school!
But luckily i got my extension yesterday! Although i just got one package, and the other one will be arriving next week! Yeah!

Here is a shitty quality picture of my make up of that day.
My little brother went to some trip and he took my camera without my premission -.-'

And of course outfit of the day pictures <3
Till next time, Bye!

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