lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013


Hi ladies!
I am here with small, and quick tutorial inspired by Winter.

So lets get started!

First of all, i am starting with my new make up item, which is Eyeshadow primer. If you're someone who'd like if the eyeshadow stay much longer, i suggest to use that. I am using Eyshadow Fix by Isadora.

Next i'll add grey kinda of eyeshadow from the start to the middle of my eyes using my 88 warm palette. Of course the actual color of the eyeshadow doesn't show up well in the picture. 

Next i'll add slighty darker color which has a hint of pink in it using my 88 warm palette. I'll add it to my whole eyelids, including bottom lashline.

Now is time to use mascera, for this look to stay balanced and not over dramatic, i'll be using my brown gel linger by Studio Elite. Also using Lumene's Natural code pencil i'll line my bottom lashline, i made it quiet thick, you might not notice it in the picture.

Usually i contour my eyes before adding the liner, but this time i felt like contouring after lining might be appropriate. So from my 88 warm palette I picked dark brown eyeshadow to contour my eyes with~

Last step is adding mascera, to make this look even better, add fake lashes instead.

D O N E !
Pretty simple and quick, huh?


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