torstai 3. tammikuuta 2013


So seeing all these girls showing off their amazing Xmas gifts and it makes me jelly because we don't celebrate it, therefor no gifts for me :(. Nevertheless i love to spoil myself specially at times like this, so i spent most of my money shopping and buying random stuff.
I want to show you gals some of my gets, even tho I bought much more than you'll see, but most of my gets are either used and now they are lying somewhere in the closet or i forgot about them

A women can never have too much shoes....

I am more of leggings/pants person than jeans, i don't think they are healthy specially for girls, that beside the fact they are frigging expansive! But these were cheapo and looked cute for spring/summer.

Shitloads of foundation to last for the next 700 years.

I've been hearing lots of good reviews about this BB-cream, i can't wait to try this!
Maybe a small review about it in here too hmm?

Most expansive buy of them all, and also favorite one!
I am so afraid to use it, i don't want to taint it, its so...beautiful!

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  1. uauu.. amei os looks e produtos ^^
    parabéns pelo blog

    beijos grandes

    ( ᐵ ᗜ ᑈ)ᘉ Endereço>> Dany's Place ▓ ▓ Tutorial


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