keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012

Dear god, can i be her?

Hey guys!
Lately i've been seeing loads of inspiration posts by my favorite bloggers about their favorite celebrities, staying in shape, their crushes or whom they'd want to look like.
So i though i would give it a try it looked fun
If you guys know me, you also know that in my opinion Asian women are the most beautiful. Its not a race thing, every time i find someone beautiful its always an Asian :P
Of course every women from other races are also beautiful...
Anyways, i loove me asian girls with super asian looks like...small eyes, pouty lips and thick, long black hair.
However the person who inspire me is a little different, she looks asian but on the other hand...she doesn't, its weird to explain really...

Sayoko Ozaki
Shes a model in Magazine called Happie Nuts.
I've been kinda of obsessed with her lately.

She is just breathtaking beautiful...

If you ask me what perfection is...I'd say its Sayoko Ozaki.

So, who's your inspiration?

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