perjantai 30. marraskuuta 2012

Circle lenses

Hey dollies!

So I've been getting loads of questions in RL and instagram about my circle lenses that i am using at the moment. So i decided to make this small review about the lenses that i got few weeks back. 
I don't have picture of them on my eyes, but i am pretty sure you will see them in the future me wearing them.

As you can see, i bought the whole puffy 3 tone serie by GEO.
The green and grey ones are competing for the "favorite" spot.

Comfort - 5/5
Enlargement - 3/5
Shape/look - 5/5
Overall - 4/5

I was inspired to get this circle lens serie by Xiaxue.
They look absolutely gorgeous on her so i had to try them.
I really love this whole serie but truthfully  i was a little bit dissapointed with the enlargment since i was expecting them to be the bomb when it comes to that. It looked huge on Xiaxue's eyes, but on my eyes they are almost the same size as my own irises. Nevertheless I love these and i've been using them almost everyday. I love the crystalline type of look they give when wearing them. My eyes basically shines like two shiny diamonds. And they look really natural even tho they are pigmented.


Comfort  -  4/5
Enlargement - 5/5
Shape/look - 5/5
Overall - 4/5

I remember first time when i saw these on the website i usually buy my circle lenses from and the first thing that popped into my head was, why the hell does even these fugly lenses exist. 
But then my mind changed when i saw one of my favorite youtuber reviewing them and i just had to get them.
They looked amazing on her.When i got my lenses these were the first thing i tried on and i liked them immediately. These are a little bit on the bold side, so i use these at my free times, it would be a little bit meeeh to go with these on to school. The only thing i dislike about this is, you know when your putting your lenses on, and after you close your eyes, they automatically slips into the right place?
Well...these dont, usually i have to slid them to the right place myself which is a little bit wtf to me. 
Otherwise these are amazeball. They have that nudish look with blue and slight of gold in the middle.

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