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Tsubasa inspired make up

Hello gals!
These last few days i've been practicing inspired looks from gyaru magazine scans.
I wish i had more time to practice more and more, but now that school started again, i need to keep everything in minimum, so i do all my gyaru related stuff at weekend pfft..

So today i was inspired to do Tsubasa Masawaka dolly natural look.
Almost all of Tsubasa's looks are dolly and "natural", but these looks are usually challenging if you have dark  features, since these looks require light colors. So i decided to give a try to transform it to fit my dark  features. So i wanted to share with you guys on how i did it. I wouldn't call this a tutorial because its not detailed, this is rather " how i do it".

Click for bigger picture if needed

So first i am starting with the base make up of course.
Since my skin is in really good shape, i don't need to use foundaion or anyhing like that.
Recently i've been using Viva La Diva's bronzing powder alot!
It gives really nice glow, although its a bronzing powder, i use it as a face powder, and i love it!
Also i like to keep my base make up as minimum as possible since i focus alot on the eye make.

For the eyebrows i use my E.L.F 32 spring palette. I use the lightest brown color before using my Lumene eyebrows pencil. The reason why i use light brown first is because it brings nice balanced color to my brows.

So for the eyes i'll use again my E.L.F 32 spring palette, and i'll add the copper color a bit above my eyelids.
Using my other palette which doesn't really have a name, and i'll use the darkest brown from there and blend it little bit in my creases.

Using black from my nameless eyeshadow palette, i'll add it at the end of my eyes lightly to give a little bit of smoked eyes effect. Use small grain of black eyeshadow.

Still working with the eyes, i'll use my black gel liner by NARS and i'll draw the droopy eyes for wider eyes effect. Using my favorite eyeliner ever, CHOCHOLATE by H&M, i'll line my water line.

So far looking good...

So, i added my eyelashes.
*optional, you can also add bottom lashes*
And then i'll be using MAKE UP STORE'S  Apricot Sorbet blush, i'll use very small amount of this, its super duper pigmented! I think every black girl should own orange colored blush, it works great on our skintone!

And for the lips, i am going to use my favorite lips combo, Rouge allure by CHANEL and Summer Pink lipgloss by H&M.

Done looking kawai as Fuxk!

I deserve to camwhore now ok..

See you next time! 

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