perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2012

I want them all!

Hey guys!
Just a small update. So today i visited the center, and i went to do a little bit of shopping in Trio.
I found really nice stuff and i took bunch of pics while trying some clothing, but here are my favorites.

So this one is absolutely my favorite. It was like love at the first sight, it brings out my hourglass body ( Yeah  right, next joke please! :D ).
It does show some cleavage from the top as you can see but in classy way, anyways boob reduction anyone? Lol

Also loved this one very much, very summery and i have the perfect shoes to go with this one. Altho you cant tell, the color was light mint. So it goes really well with my skin tone. This made me look fat but in reality it made me look thinner! Which is a big plus.

This one was also very very cute, very vintage and i love the print in it. It was light orange which also goes well with my skin tone. The only thing is that, in the store i did not find my size. But i am going to check it out from their website and hopefully i find the right one, because in summer we are going to have loads of "classy" parties and of course i should look classy right? 
There was also this lacy dress with amazing back cut, but they didn't have my size either, so i am going to check that out in their website also and hope they have it in black too, it would be dream coming true.

I did not buy any of those, BUT i have decided to buy the first dress and the lacy one, that is if i have to choose only two :D
But i did buy few other things, but i will show you them in different post, so talk to you guys then.

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