keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012


Hi Hi!
How has everyone's summer holiday has been?
Mine has been great so far. You know how your sleeping rhythm goes messy in the summer or when you have holiday? Yes i bet you know. Mine is the worst of the kind, the one nobody would like to have. I love staying up at night, its when i get inspiration to do all the shit you know. And basically what i get as inspirations always has to do with making videos or playing around with my make ups in THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT WHEN I SHOULD BE FRIGGING SLEEPING. Anyways, my sleeping rhythm goes like this ------>

Goes to sleep at 8-9 in the morning
Wake up at 3 because i have to go pick up my little brothers from daycare by 4
Eat something at 6
take a nap at 6.30 sometimes at 8
Wakes up at the middle of the frigging night at 12, sometimes 2'clock
Oh yes, and this is how the circle goes.
Its so bad, and everyday i get yelled at that staying up late is bad... bla bla bla.

Anyways enough rant about my sleep.

So today i received lovely E.L.F 32 piece palette!
I am so excited about this, i decided to buy the one with light colors for summery looks.
This is my first time trying something not so cheap like ebay palettes.
Ok ok, i admit it, i am absolutely in love with the cheap ebay palette which has only the warm brown colors, you know? I bet everyone has it. I know few people who hate its but i love it because, the colors works on my skin very well, and for some reason the colors don't fade away until i remove my make up, so they stay pretty long! And i also have the other palette with lighter colors like pink, orange, green etc.
But i don't like it so much, as i said before i looove love love light colors, but this piece of crap light colors are so shit, i have to apply the pink color in my eyelids for 20min for the color to show a bit. But some of the colors do work tho, so i don't totally hate it either :D
So yeah...i am excited to play around with my E.L.F palette. Although i am not going to have high expectation from the pigmentaion like its frigging coastal scents, but i tried some of the colors in my hands and they actually do show up in my skin! So yay for that!
And here is what it looks like!

Another thing about this, is the shipping, holy shitz its fast! I actually ordered this last weeks Monday or Wednesday? Anyways its something last week. And its already here, omg so awesome fast shipping.
I have never had this fast shipping, or actually i had fast shipping once before when i ordered my first hair extensions ever, and it took like 3days to come to my house, and i ordered them from the U.K. Like thats pretty darn fast right?

And to end the entry with a style(?), i present you my look today...

See guys i try to smile automatically, and i think i have improved haha, i didn't even try to remind myself to smile this times yay moi!

Also sorry for the lack of lashes, i ran out of lashes glue and i tried to make the look work without it, and the look was not sucha fail as in the picture. But yeah, oh and small note, expect new video(s) to come up in my channel by this weekend when i hopefully receive my new lashes and buy eyelashes glue So stay tuned! :)

And if you haven't seen my latest video, then here it is! :)

Remember to watch in HD

And talk to you guys hopefully soon! Bye!

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  1. Those are some cute colors in the palette :) I have ELF's natural palette and I love it!

  2. Really? It was my first choise to buy the natural palette, but then i though that i already have the 88 warm palette which is love then i should buy something with light colors, so i ended up with this one. So i recommend it. Also i would love to have huge collection of all ebay colors, so next time i am targeting the bigger one :P


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