perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2012


Hello Guys!
It has been a while again...but wait a second, i have excuse...
umm....well, i have been sick! Like so sick i can't even...
Alright alright, i was being just lazy bum.
But you know while i was not blogging i did loads of stuff to blog about, therefor i have loads of actions to write about, so you wont be bored....riight?

So lets start with the latest news, remember in my last post that i promised you something suprising?
Well okay, its not that suprising i just wanted to sound dramatic *kehehe*
So finally, oh yes finally I officially opened my youtube Channel Yaaay woohooo!
I just made two days ago my first public video. 
I know i know, i am still a newbie to this whole scene so BE NICE! And nooo~
I don't mean you need to lick my ass! But only Concrit critism please Ookahy?~
Anyways let cut the shhiiet and go to the real deal huuh?
So the look was based of this ....

Yes, its not something special nor hard to do, actually its something basic, but i needed some excuse to start that darn youtube channel.
The video has loads of fails but remember i am a newbie :D
Also remember to watch in 720p HD 
Also remember to Rate, And subcribe to my channel for future uploads!


 Next video coming will be Intro video about me, so stay tuned! 
Till next time!


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  1. I think it was great for your 1st video!! =D How did you make the Inro, it was cute<3 And the only things I'd do is put Overlays of the Products names when you show them & do a Straight On angle of your eye next time so we can see everything, I couldn't see when you were doing the corner of it~

    1. Thank you! I will remember this next time! And i made the intro myself using Camtasia studio 7.

  2. Vastaukset
    1. I was afraid it looked like poop since i finished straighning it few minutes before recording! :D

  3. Wau kun oot kaunis! :) Liityin lukijaksi, tosi mahtava blogi <3!


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