keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2012


Good late evening guys and gals!
This whole week has been quite busy. I have loads of school works to do since this is last semester and i am trying to finish all the courses i failed ( 2 ) so next year i won't be hanging there to finish some courses from last year. Besides school i have been going around the center looking for outfit since Annyeong Party is coming soon~
God i am so excited i can pee my pants! I will get to see my friends & dance to my favorite music. Who doesn't like that?

I did not find anything affordable & nice looking to buy so i searched a bit around my closet here and there until i found thoes ugly old knee high fabric shorts which i used to use when i was younger.
So it actually hit me hard on the face, that short was absolutly perfect, it was high-waist and white, and it has zipper on the left, perfection. So i took the sizzors, and pulled my sewing machine ...and let the magic happen....sooo....

What do you think? It actually looks much better IR and i am absolutly in love with it simpleness! 
Its basically done, i just need to costumize only tiny bit of it. Cant wait to actually use it!
Well thats pretty much it for this time, just a small advice. Stay tooned, something exciting ( well to me :D ) might happen ^^

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