sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2012

Life update

Hey sweethearts!
I hope xmas vacation started all good to everyone because mine did.
So yesterday i went with my mom and aunt for small shopping session. 
I also had plan for that day to meet with my dollies Heidi and Tytti to go and watch the Hobbit movie.

What i looked like yesterday

Here what i grabbed with me from xmas sale...

Sadly, in weekends malls closes their doors very early, and my plan to meet up with my girls was one hour later and i didn't bother to go home. So i went for Picnic Cafe to wait for my girls.
Meanwhile i was waiting i decided to taste the ~õh so famous Makaron's~
Everyone is loving them so they must be good, right?

WRONG, this shit tastes like crap....
Never again, ew ew ew.

So i took a cookie, which didn't taste that good either, so i only ate the chocolate chips...what a waste of money...

After Tytti and Heidi arrived we decided to not watch the movie yet, instead we went to eat Chinese while catching up with each other lives. We don't see that much anymore since they both are busy with work.

Tried something new, Peking Soup. It was soo good, recommended!

Best noodle dish evaaaar!
I could live the next 6000 year eating this. Love!

Today i haven't done anything important instead of cleaning the house for tomorrow xmas event.
Few of my relatives are coming to visit, so i am excited about that.

Did small changes to my hair, more about it later!

Also been practicing my Japanese language/Hiragana writing.
I can proudly say that i can count from 1-100, tell the time, month's and day's.
I can also read a little bit, But speaking...yeah...gotta practice that.

Happy Xmas everyone! <3